Consequence Management (CM)


  • Examines Consequence Management (CM) in the context of response planning.
    • Clearly identify the focus of effort once an incident occurs; and
    • Define the term ‘core capabilities’ and list those core capabilities that need generally be accomplished in incident response, regardless of which levels of government may be involved.
  • Further, investigate four terror attacks (occurring on US soil or foreign soil) and detail:
    • The methods and motives associated with each of your selected attacks.
    • Whether or not the attack could or should have been considered an act of terror along with the basis for the application of your assessment (Department of State definition, Central Intelligence Agency definition, etc.
    • The stated or assessed intent of the attack.
    • How motive may have differentiated from the underlying intent and whether intent or motive is a better determinant of the nature of an act as one or terror.

Research and investigation beyond those materials indicated in the course-ware will be required.

  • Your assignment must be properly formatted and cited using the most recent edition of the APA manual.
  • Your assignment must be a minimum of 750 words, not counting cover page and reference page material. Your writing can be longer, but it cannot be under the minimum indicated word-count for credit.
  • Do not simply list questions and respond – your work is intended to be a complete, integrative narrative that embodies an introduction, a body within which you respond to the targeted questions, and a summary and conclusion.

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