Elections in Texas

Elections in Texas

Some states are, or are in the process of, enforcing strict voter ID laws.  These are aimed at decreasing voter fraud;  however, some have argued that strict laws will make it much harder for certain groups, such as minorities and the poor, to vote.

1)Do you think that strict voter ID laws are necessary?  If so, why?  If not, why not?

2)What do scholars and experts have to say about voter fraud in the US?

3)Do you think they will have an adverse effect on certain groups?

4) What do scholars and experts have to say about the effects of these laws on voter turnout?

Essay prompt

The minimum research criteria is tree reputable source. You may use a scholarly article, but that is not necessary. Other examples of reputable sources include well known and trustworthy newspapers, news magazines, news websites, a court case or an actual law, and government websites. The course textbook, reference materials, Wikipedia, internet search engines, blogs and similar items are examples of unacceptable sources .

The minimum writing requirement for the original post is 450 of your own words, excluding citations. Your responses are to be in essay/paragraph format. Be sure to fully address each prompt and cite supporting evidence. The grade for the primary post will be determined by the quality, depth and originality of your writing. Finally, provide a word count at the end of the post.

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