Geronimo and the Apache Wars. 

We have all heard of Geronimo and the Apache Wars.  Examine Geronimo’s story and explain why he so completely caused fear among white men and why even some Apache hated him.  As an alternative, you may write about the incredible Apache chiefs, Cochise, Victorio, and Mangas Coloradas. (Note, Geronimo was not a chief)


Video: Geronimo

ABC-Clio: Use the search function for: Geronimo, Hero of American Indian Resistance or Villain?  This is both a website and a video (you have to wade through an ad or two for the video but it is worth it.) (This is a socialist political site. The politics is irrelevant to the historical information.)

Apache Chiefs

ABC-Clio: Use the search function for: Cochise

ABC-Clio: Use the search function for: Mangas Coloradas

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