How does your chosen film use music/sound effects?

For this discussion, I would like you to select a 3-5 minute action scene from any film since 2000 and compare it to an action scene from The Bourne Ultimatum (but not the scene analyzed in HtM on pages 489-499).

  1. In 50-100 words, briefly set up the scenes, providing a general summary of the movie you chose and the selected scene. While there’s no need to provide a summary of The Bourne Ultimatum, please do set up the scene briefly.
  2. In 100-150 words or in list format, outline the following:
    • How does your chosen film use music/sound effects?
    • How does your scene from The Bourne Ultimatum use music/sound effects?
  3. In 150-200 words, what are your big conclusions regarding the use of these sound effects? How do these effects compare and contrast with those in the scene you selected from The Bourne Ultimatum? (Please make sure you incorporate specific terminology from your textbook – at least three specific terms from the textbook! Please also include at least two specific quotations from Chapter 14, Hearing the Movies that support your big conclusions! If you don’t have the textbook, check the outlines in the module!)

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