Identify and analyze the ethical case study dilemma

Identify and analyze the ethical case study dilemma

Identify and analyze the ethical case study dilemma【Apple Suppliers & Labor Practices】(attached file).

Write a 750 – 1000 word, double-spaced paper, and APA style. (There is a TEMPLATE)

Students are expected to identify the key stakeholders, discussion of the implications of the ethical dilemma, and answer the case study questions.

Each paper should have the following sections:

Introduction to the Case study – introduce the case.

The ethical dilemma – what is the issue at hand?

Stakeholders – who are the stakeholders involved in the case?

Questions – each case study has a set of questions you need to answer.  They are different for each case study.  The questions for each case study are at the end of the document.

Conclusions – What was the conclusion and what would you have done differently?  This is where you will make your recommendations.

References – I provided references at the end of each case study but you can use others as well. Minimum of 2 references.

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