Introduction, Constitution and Civil Liberties

Introduction, Constitution and Civil Liberties

  1. Locate a current events article from the past year. The event should be related to politics or government policy in the United States. The source must be credible such as a reputable news outlet.
  2. Summarize the article in your own words.
  3. Explain how the article/event is related to one or more of the concepts below taken from the chapters.

Formatting: 3 pages total (see template in content)

APA 7th title page

One-page (or more) single space content (Times New Roman, 12” font, left justified)

In text citations (Author, year)

Separate APA 7th reference page

Concepts to connect to a current event:

separation of powers


direct democracy




right to an attorney

establishment clause

Freedom of religion

prior restraint

Below I have attached a Rubic Graph as well to guide you.

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