Is self plagiarism a form a cheating? Why or why not?

Self plagiarism is a very common form of plagiarism in the English classroom, and most universities do not allow self-plagiarism.

Before you respond to this prompt, please (1) read the self plagiarism section of the Course Information page and (2) review  What is Plagiarism and Self Plagiarism What is Plagiarism and Self Plagiarism – Alternative Formats that briefly explains both plagiarism and self plagiarism, and (3) then respond to the following prompts:

Initial Response: In one paragraph, argue your stance to the question, “Is self plagiarism a form a cheating? Why or why not?” You can use personal examples or examples from the PDF “What is Plagiarism and Self Plagiarism” and the course information page. Finish your response by asking your peers a question that they can answer in their peer responses.

Peer Responses: Do you agree with your peers’ arguments?

How is your understanding of self plagiarism the same or different from theirs?

Don’t forget to answer the question.

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