Politics & Public Administration

Part 2: Analysis Paper – 100 points (1,000 Words)

Analysis of issue of concern – This is the main step in completing this assignment and actively engaging as a citizen. 

In APA research paper format, clearly articulate an issue of concern that is important to you and within the authority of the United States Congress. Explain your concern, using your research and explain Congress’ authority to address this issue. Explain the action that your Representative/Senator and the Congress can take in this matter.

Review the Federalism chapter in your textbook for sources federal authority, ie. Constitutional authority and through the use of federal grants. Please support your position with in-text citations from your sources.

***Please review the following guidelines and requirements in preparing your paper.***

• APA Research Analysis, including title page, proper in-text citations, an annotated bibliography section and a reference list.

• Look over the Research Project Grading Rubric to understand how you will be scored.

◦ Remember, use at least five (5) sources throughout the paper. DO NOT use extensive citations from one source.

◦ Include an Annotated bibliography section in addition to References page for sources.

◦ The following are NOT acceptable forms of sources: our course textbook, non-research based sources (Wikipedia, ProCon, etc); legislation; personal interviews, statements on television, radio, videos or movies.

• At least 1,000 words in a 12 point traditional font.

• Clear application of research to the assignment requirements.

• Well organized paragraphs, clear and complete sentence structure, proper word usage and grammar.

• The Research Paper parts need to be submitted to the Research Paper Dropboxes (Part 1 and Part 2) in a Word or PDF format. Please do not email your document.

The rewording of someone else’s work and submitting it as your work without giving credit to the author is plagiarism. Such work will not be graded. It will be returned for rewrite. Any thoughts, passages, ideas, and words of another should be documented appropriately in parenthetical citations and a reference page. The Part 1 and Part 2 Dropboxes utilize Turnitin.com to help detect plagiarism. How to retrieve Turnitin originality reports:  MyCourses Student Tutorial

If you experience a technical problem and it impedes your ability to submit the assignment properly, it must be documented and verified by the SPC technology helpdesk (727) 341-HELP. In addition, you must contact me before the due date/time to let me know if you have a technical problem.

Make sure to save a copy of all your work outside of MyCourses. It is a good idea to frequently save your work in case of technical problems.

Research Project Support Links

• Purdue Writing Center APA formatting – for APA guidelines

• Purdue Writing Center Annotated Bibliography Samples – examples of the annotated bibliography

• Cornell Library Annotated Bibliography Lib Guide– for annotated bibliography guidance

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