Read Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail.

This is an individual assignment to fulfill requirements for the course. It is due by 5pm, Thursday, june 9th.
Pls upload your work on Blackboard.

  • Read Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. You could also listen to MLK’s reading of the letter. Both files are in the MLK folder within Course Materials.
  • You may also find background on the Birmingham Campaign in the MLK folder.
  • Applying the Transformational Leadership and Authentic Leadership models, and using examples from the letter, explain why Dr. King was or wasn’t a transformational leader and an authentic leader.
  • Ensure the spelling and syntax of the writing are accurate (use M/S Word tools)
  • Use references, minimum 5
  • Label each section of the paper, see outline below
  • Number the pages in the paper
  • Submit an 8 page paper (double spaced), not including cover and references, and use the APA format style.

Paper Outline:1.- cover page2.- background of the Birmingham Campaign3.- MLK as a transformational leader4.- MLK as an authentic leader5. the relevance of Dr. King today6. References

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