Solar Power Vs Petroleum Power

India movie industry (1998-2019) background on the country India domestic Market shares India film admission & box office movies attendance movies production write chronological order through the governmental changes and laws that affected the industry and in between, I mentioned films that were important whether because they made a lot of money or got critical attention or were internationally recognized just google the top grossing films of your country from 1998-2019 look at the films that have won awards then pull those films up on Wikipedia and read the production the wiki article read about the production and see if it was coproduced, where money came from top grossing films, co-productions, stat funded or private, laws that affect industry, presidents that help or hurt industry, trade relations with the us and India Those are the factors that will affect film industry The bibliography must have at least 20 sources (not including any sources assigned for the course). The type and use of sources will be discussed in class. Briefly, sources must include scholarly ones. Scholarly sources are usually articles and books written by writers with some expertise in the area of discussion, and are usually published in professional journals. You can also use newspaper sources, but not all newspaper articles will qualify as scholarly. Some internet sources are acceptable, some are not. Generally speaking, if a source has been published in a scholarly journal or book, AND it is available on the internet (such as through the databases available through the QC library), that counts as a scholarly source. Wikipedia is not a scholarly source. However, Wikipedia may be helpful as you begin your research, to give you some information about a topic, and it may provide sources that you can look at as you continue your research.

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