Speech of Self-Introduction


The Speech of Self-Introduction is your chance to develop a short introductory speech about yourself. People frequently are asked to introduce themselves to a group. The speech developed as a result of this assignment is one you should keep and use for specific situations later on in life. It is useful for job or scholarship interviews, an organization meeting where you are new, or even the first day of class.

You should identify a few aspects of your life, personality, or beliefs that reflect favorably on you and develop those as your main ideas. This is often called impression management. By managing your impression, you want to convey competence, integrity, likeability, and natural or conferred power.

Using the self-introduction outline you created for the Unit 2 Discussion, incorporate the instructor and peer feedback to help create the speaking outline to use for delivery of the self-introduction speech.

The Speech of Self-Introduction should include the following:

  • Record a 3-5 minute self-introduction video using the software suggestions found in the Read Me First Section of the course AND the self-introduction outline.
  • The Speech of Self-Introduction should begin with an introduction that introduces the speech, not list the speaker’s biographical information.
  • The body of the speech should include 2-3 main ideas focusing on your life – family, job, schooling, etc. A transition should be used to show movement between your main ideas. Something as simple as “Next…” works very well.
  • The conclusion should summarize the speech, not just bring general biographical information to an end.
  • No sources are needed for this speech.
  • The recording can include props for visual aids.
  • Speakers who are able should be standing while speaking, visible from the waist up, holding notes in hand. Do not read from the computer screen or a manuscript off to the side of the recording device. Deductions for eye contact will be taken if you do not follow these requirements.


  1. Speech Video: a 3-5 minute self-introduction video uploaded to your assignment. If you use YouTube, provide an “unlisted” or “public” link to the video. Alternatively, you may use the Canvas Rich Editor tool to upload your video to the assignment area. Go to the Modules area of the course to locate the instructions about using either of these tools in the “Read Me First” section. The instructions are also attached here.
  2. Final Self-Introduction Outline: revise the DRAFT outline you created for this week’s discussion and submit the final version with your video.
  3. The speaking outline you created for your delivery.

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