The Big Lebowski

Watch clips from “The Big Lebowski” :

Part 1 (Links to an external site.),

Part 2 (Links to an external site.)



In 1991 Los Angeles (Links to an external site.), Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, a middle-aged bachelor (Links to an external site.) with a penchant for cannabis (Links to an external site.) and bowling (Links to an external site.), is assaulted by two goons hired by pornographer Jackie Treehorn, demanding money owed by the wife of another Jeffrey Lebowski (the eponymous “Big Lebowski”). Realizing they have the wrong man; they leave after one of them urinates on the Dude’s rug.

The Dude seeks compensation from the other Lebowski, a wealthy philanthropist who refuses his request. Leaving Lebowski’s mansion, the Dude takes a valuable rug.

Scenes in this clip:

  • The Dude gets roughed up
  • The Dude meets with The Big Lebowski

Submit your answers to these questions as a file (DOC) attachment below:

On a scale of 1-5, rate “The Dude” and “The Big Lebowski” on the following personality characteristics, then briefly explain why you chose that number:

  • Conscientiousness
    Dependable, organized, reliable, ambitious, hardworking, persevering
  • Agreeableness
    Kind, cooperative, sympathetic, helpful, courteous, warm
  • Extraversion
    Talkative, sociable, passionate, assertive, bold, dominant
  • Neuroticism 
    Nervous, moody, emotional, insecure, jealous, unstable

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