US Constitution and explore the concept of federalism

In Discussion 2 we will expand the topic of the US Constitution and explore the concept of federalism as we discuss the proper role and scope of government at both the federal and state/local levels of government.

To help you formulate an answer, be sure to review your Exploration for this module, and Chapter 3 of your e-text, on American Federalism.

Outcome 4


  • Consider the following:  Federalism is defined as shared government between a central government and regional units of government. Essentially, federalism is about the balance of power between the federal government and the states. When we consider issues such as the environment, health care, education, welfare, immigration, unemployment, housing, marriage definitions, etc., the debate centers around whether those responsibilities should be primarily handled by the state governments or the federal government or neither.
  • Please respond to the following questions completely: Which level of government should be more responsible for providing various services and public goods to the citizens? What kinds of services should those be and why? Explain your response fully.


How to Get a Proficient Grade in Discussions

  • You should write a minimum of 150 words or more in response to the initial question by the deadline indicated in the schedule
  • Provide at least three quotes from your textbook or Exploration to support your points. Be sure to analyze all quotes so the reader is sure why the quote is important.
  • Respond with at least 100 words to at least three individual students across several days when the discussion is open.  Respond to at least one peer more than once (four total responses to other students). I WILL POST PEERS DISCUSSIONS AS SOON AS THIS FIRST INTIAL POST (THIS ONE) GETS DONE. DUE 10/16/21
  • Make sure your responses to other students also reference sources.
  • You are graded on correct English and correct APA citation of all your sources
  • Extra effort results in higher grades!

use attached paper below for chapter 3 to help with the question and use it to cite APA style. I will not buy this homework assignment if not done right. very critical.

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