US Patriot Act And Anti-Terrorism

We’ve focused on the domestic collection concerns related to stopping terrorism.   This week we will focus on international terrorists and the techniques of anti-terrorism which have come under question:  torture, kidnapping, and border control.  We have a couple of sections of the USA PATRIOT Act to review again this week.   Title II (Enhanced Surveillance Procedures) which is on page 7 and Sec. 236a (Mandatory Detention of Suspected Terrorists”, which is on page 80.  There are two additional brief readings on the use of torture and a 5 minute video of a writer who agreed to let himself be waterboarded.  The Extraordinary Rendition video is about the CIA kidnapping terror suspects for interrogation.    With regard to border control and concerns about terrorists coming across the border, there are two sources which contain a variety of items related to what happened at the border under Trump and what is happening today under Biden.

Share some thoughts on one or both of these concerns (use of torture or immigration/border concerns) with regard to what the US should or should not do in terms of anti-terrorism.   Is torture justified?  Legal?  Moral?   What about attempts to stop terrorists from crossing the border to the possible detriment of children and families trying to cross?   Do any of your research topics relate to these issues?   If so, consider adding that to your initial post.

Cite all sources used.   If you use items from the immigration/border resources provided, make sure you note which of the items within the larger item you used.

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