What do you think about that abuse of power?

I want the titles and deed to my property and other social security number last four digits. They stole my ID, maybe it was the cops because they did not take a look at the security cameras? I don’t know. But I can not get a IS online for some reason. And you have not reported back to me. Dr Erica Leif undercover also undercover Tina McDonald. This is for the study that I am doing on paper and authority, this system isn’t it?

Email me at tinamcdonald722@gmail.com. what is your opinion on the cops use of power and authority after showing up and not checking the camera. Same as my Case, and the nurses and doctors here have not made me a new doctor’s app or transfered my hospital care to Virginia Mason yet. What are they being paied for? I think they took my government cars, the X licence plates, the black unmarked SUVs. That’s probably who hit me crossing the street.
I need your feed back. Post it to my Facebook as well. Shila Acsis. And Ttsparklediamond. And email me at tinamcdonald722@gmail.com stat please
I need my government police officers to serve me stay to, who took on the blood contract for code blue when they stole my one of a kind sword from my street grandpa Mooris Heart. Which is the name of the UW study on me at DESC. What do you think about that abuse of power? And Adam Weaver not not perceiving me meds anymore. I do not have to be on med monitoring. Also, I am a teacher at Columbia Cainbridge University.
The oral tradition. Since 2000.  I am a professor. Just go check my face book, on philosophy of communication and medical, including sage philosophy. Which is what the healthcare is called at DESC, a undercover prison, and consentration camp that I dare any country to rescue me from. Plus UW started printing money, because of me? I need my secret service for my government. The UW has to work for me. That’s what my dreams say. Are you studying dream are you using me as a subject?
The UW taught me that interpersonal communication is family, and that is bull shit and illegal. Now  all I hear is them running my mind. That is illegal and stops now. I only communicate with myself. I told them to stop studying me now. Confirm you work for me or you are in deep trouble stealing my info. I will draft you and all your staff and the pope agrees with me.94

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