What event triggers redistricting?

  1. What event triggers redistricting?  Which entity is responsible for redistricting?   For which  levels of government are districts redrawn?  Which states do NOT use Texas’ method for redrawing district lines? (See Chapter 7.)
  2. In case of no agreement on redistricting maps, which group is charged with drawing the maps?  (See Chapter 7.)  In our current political environment, what unites members of this alternate group?
  3. Which provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 previously governed redistricting maps?  In which court case was the provision stripped away? What was the Supreme Court’s rationale in making their decision?  How can the protections previously safeguarded by the Voting Rights Act be restored?
  4. Consider the current redistricting maps.  Why do Democrats feel they’re being disenfranchised?  How do Republicans counter this argument?
  5. Look up the latest proposed Texas House and Texas Senate maps.  How will your Texas House and Texas Senate districts change?  Recall what you learned in Question 4 of the Members of the Texas Legislature project.  Are the new districts fair or gerrymande
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