What is the purpose of spiritual modes of healing? 

What is the purpose of spiritual modes of healing?

1. True or False: Energy Systems in the body are used by both conventional and integrative medicine. ?



2. Select the most effective method that nurses can use to gain power over their practice.

Use strikes and union tactics to increase pay.

Join professional organizations in large numbers.

Leave nursing as soon as better jobs come along.

Confront hospital administrators about poor staffing.

3. An unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury or the risk thereof serious injury including loss of limbs or function is:



Adverse event

sentinel event

4. What is the purpose of spiritual modes of healing?

They always produced physical cure.

They are used only with clients who have a strong belief in God.

They enhance comfort and produce an inner peace with disability or death.

They are used only by members of the clergy.

5. True or False: QSEN or Quality of Safety Education for Nurses is built on 8 competencies developed by the Department of Health.



6. Which best describes The Leapfrog Group and its recommendations?

the best measures of healthcare quality in the nation.

continuous quality improvement (CQI).


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