Write about the Electoral College. Is the Electoral College system fair?

1.Pick one of the articles below. Write about the voting issue in the article. Reflect on the voting issues presented. Is the voting issue evidence of voter suppression or voter security?  Share your opinion.https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/27/us/texas-voter-id.html

2.Write about the Electoral College. Is the Electoral College system fair? Should we abandon the Electoral College system? Why or Why not?

3.Does public opinion matter in the US? Write about how public opinion motivates or does not motivate change in the policies of the US or state governments. Maybe think about a current event and the role that public opinion can play in lawmaking. Some topics to consider include: marijuana legalization, criminal justice reform, covid management, voting rights, immigration, abortion, gun control. Research and read about your topic and analyze the role public opinion plays in the current policies and policy initiatives.

4.Identify an interest group. Write about how this group influences US policy. What does the group do? What legislative successes can this group claim? Do you support this group? Why or why not?Some popular interest groups might include the National Rifle Association, Planned Parenthood, The American Medical Association, The AFL-CIO, The NAACP, The American Association of Retired People, The National Education Association, The Sierra Club, The National Right to Life, The Farm Bureau, The Chamber of Commerce…the list goes on…

5.Domestic policy refers to the plans and actions taken by a national government to deal with issues and needs present within the country itself. Issues include healthcare, education, energy and natural resources, social welfare, taxation, public safey, personal freedoms and racial justice…the list goes on. Identify a dometic policy issue that is important to you. Solve the domestic policy problem. Be specific on the laws you want passed or the programs you want in place and why your solution will work.

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